Support my exhibition and publication!

Hello friends!

With only 6 weeks to go until the exhibition I wanted to share my fundraising campaign and ask for your support.

I created this campaign because I am struggling to cover some of the expenses for the exhibition on my own. I have the kind support of the University of Portsmouth Professional practice fund, which covers the venue, transportation of work and the guest speaker fees (so the artist workshops I am organising can remain free for the participants). 

However, I am creating a catalogue for the exhibition which I have yet to print. The publication is not simply a catalogue for the exhibition – it contains photographs of my work as well as several articles providing historical, political and archival information to inform the viewer and contextualise the work itself.

Obviously, I am trying to cover most of the expenses myself but I would be really grateful for your support. It would means a lot to me and any donations will be greatly appreciated. Even simply sharing the campaign with your network of friends can make a big difference. 

Campaign Link -

Thanks you!


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